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Travel free,
wear a NO-MAD!

The No-mad coat hides many messages:

The Uniqueness
Since every human being is unique, every No-Mad is unique and we create your coat together.

The whole coat is made in our workshop by our team, embroiders and tailors dedicated to the quest of fine quality and know-how.

The quality
NO-MAD is lifetime warranty . If you have any problems , please send us your coat and we repair it for free.

No consumption
Not so long ago we were used to buy a coat for lifetime until it was completely worn out. Artyzan’s team is available anytime for all No-Mad owners for fixing, mend, transform and even improve their coat! And this on a lifetime warranty!

Freedom and mobility
With his number of pockets you can travel, move and go for a walk hands free.

Brotherhood, Human Unity and the community spirit.
No-mad is made in India and sent all over the world. Each coat is numbered, the shoulder embroidery is the sign of recognition, a group is rising : « The No-Mad community ». Since you order a No-Mad you are welcome to send us your pictures and the story of your coat.

The No-Mad is for both Women and Men.

Donation and Generosity
One No-Mad pays one year of free tuition for a student of « Children of the world India School ».